• Newport Three: A Tiny Fort "Flash Jam" with Steve Coleman

    August 7, 2011. Posted by Alex Rodriguez.

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    Day One at Newport held many surprises -- one was an impromptu "flash jam" with alto saxophonist Steve Coleman along with vocalist Jen Shyu and trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson, two members of his band Five Elements. Cameras in hand, we followed Coleman as the intrepid trio set out to sonically explore the stone carcass of the abandoned fort at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, where the jazz festival is held every year.

    Coleman, Finlayson and Shyu found a particularly resonant spot and got to work, weaving a haunting counterpoint with Shyu's wordless vocals:

    We're happy to share this brief excerpt of this performance with you now, with more to come later. Enjoy!

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