• Montreal: Regina Carter .. have violin, will travel

    July 1, 2011. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

    Often a performer's first stop is the Jazz Festival press room, where they sign THE POSTER.

    Regina Carter's next stop, before her sound check, was at WBGO-in-Montreal. I asked her about the traveling. Regina carries the violin on her back, and Alvester Garnett - her husband and band mate - straps a cymbal case to his. They came up from Newark on a flight with WBGO's Thurston Briscoe.

    Here she plays "Artistiya" from the album Reverse Thread. Regina's dance/momentum is building at the fadeout.

    On Reverse Thread, Carter musically traces the sound of jazz to African folk tunes through the strings of her violin, the percussion, the kora or -- here in Montreal -- the Colombian harp, bass, and the natural-breathing music of the accordion. She talks about the kora --> harp substitution in this clip.

    -- Becca Pulliam

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