• Montreal Jazz Festival 2012: Day 4 Interviews

    July 7, 2012. Posted by David Tallacksen.

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    It's been more than a decade since pianist Aaron Goldberg has played the Montreal Jazz Festival. But he told Michael Bourne he's still amazed at the atmosphere of the Festival.

    Aaron Goldberg

    Festival Artistic Director Andre Menard talks about going to Heavy Metal music festivals.

    Andre Menard

    Colin Vallon talks about working with Manfred Eicher on his ECM debut.

    Colin Vallon

    Montreal native bassist Adrian Vedady met American pianist Marc Copeland through an exchange of emails, and now they make up an international trio.

    Harmonica Quartet D'Harmo play live and show Michael Bourne the challenges of playing a two-foot long harmonica.


    Dawn Taylor Watson calls Paul Deslauriers her "musical mari" - her musical husband. They play live and talk to Michael Bourne.

    Dawn Taylor Watson and Paul Deslauries

    James Carter reminisced about filming "Kansas City."

    James Carter

    Pianist Lorraine Desmarais talks with fellow judge Michael Bourne about the hot competition for the Jazz TD Award.

    Lorraine Desmarais

    Blues singer Miche Braden portrays Bessie Smith at this year's Festival.

    Miche Braden

    Superstar International Press Handler Vincent Lefebvre makes everything happen for WBGO.

    Vincent Lefevre

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