• Michael Bourne Reflects On 20 Years In Montreal

    July 12, 2012. Posted by Simon Rentner.

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    WBGO's Michael Bourne says "Montreal," and everything the city encompasses -- its people, music, and culture -- makes his "life worth living."  For 20 years, Jazz88's celebrity DJ has been treated there like royalty.  And this year was no different. The festival decided to rename its famous pressroom "Salle de Presse Michael Bourne."  On this special radio show, WBGO's Simon Rentner interviews Bourne about his fondest memories over the last two decades: the beautiful Montreal press women fawning over him, gorging himself on creative pies from Pizzadelic, watching Cirque Du Soleil dancers swing from 40-story buildings, and having his "mind blown" with music he's never heard before.

    Plus, Michael Bourne shares with us exclusive concert recordings of Tony Bennett, Herbie Hancock and others from Montreal's Jazz Festival's vault, courtesy of Serge Lafortune at Equipespectra.

    Michael Bourne in the Michael Bourne Pressroom

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