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    September 16, 2008. Posted by Amy Niles.

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    I wonder how many of you are fans of WBGO for what we do on the web. Maybe you have never listened to the radio and heard WBGO. I understand. It took years to put all of this content up on our site, and I imagine  you could go page by page for days on end and never run out of interesting music and information about Jazz. We need you to become a member of WBGO and contribute just as much as we need those people who listen to us on the air.

    We are having a Fund Drive  and we need you to help

    I had a great weekend on the air pitching with Eulis Cathey. One of the things that we realized is that we have so many people who are just finding WBGO for the first time. I think that when people hear us asking for money, they don't get it- radio is free right? The internet is free too. Well, let me explain it simply: we depend upon you to keep us around. So many radio stations that played all kinds of jazz have left the air recently but by supporting WBGO with your pledge, you will help make sure that this never happens. You have to decide whether or not you want to keep listening and taking advantage of WBGO.  OK I am done. Now it is up to you....Go ahead- just press send

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