• IAJE Day 1 - Kurt Elling Keynote

    January 9, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

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    The first day of IAJE is fairly slow, as far as action goes. Not a lot to report yet, but I did attend the IAJE Special Focus Session earlier today. The focus is "New Visions for New Times."

    "Change" seems to be the unofficial word for 2008. Like "subprime" was for 2007...

    Anyway, Kurt Elling gave the keynote address. Good stuff. If there's anyone in jazz that can weave talk about art, Buddhism, and a poem from Rainier Maria Rilke about the bust of Apollo, it's Kurt Elling. Hear what he had to say. - Josh

    IAJE 2008 Keynote Address - Kurt Elling.

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