• Excuses, Excuses

    July 8, 2009. Posted by Amy Niles.

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    Can you imagine going to a Tony Bennett concert and hearing him blame the fact that he is a little hoarse on how the Yankees are playing and that he was at the game yesterday screaming at them? Or Kurt Elling saying that he forgot the words to his song because he was up late last night bemoaning the end of the Sopranos?

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  • Fifty years of Time Out

    July 5, 2009. Posted by David Tallacksen.

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    This year Dave Brubeck celebrates 50 years of his landmark album "Time Out." The octogenarian has played 10 times at the Montreal Jazz Festival, including his performance to a packed, enthusiastic house last night. Michael Bourne spoke with with Dave about the album that changed the momentem of jazz forever. Listen below:

  • The Other Side of Montreal

    July 5, 2009. Posted by Amy Niles.

    No, its not what you are thinking....

    Spend a little time away from the stages here at Jazz Fest, hang out in the press room at the festival and what do musicians talk about? Why, the wonderful food in Montreal of course. Read more