• 'Treme,' Ep. 29: Heckuva View

    November 12, 2012. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    Desiree (Phyllis Montana-LeBlanc) takes the initiative to document shady construction projects. (Image Credit: Paul Schiraldi/HBO)

    After the musical bonanza that was the Mardi Gras episode, things slow down for some plot development in episode eight of Treme's third season. The writing team sticks to its other strengths: the minutiae of a broken police system, how to run a restaurant, bureaucracy in action and various romantic interludes.

    But a few live music scenes do make it to screen. Here's Josh Jackson of WBGO for some analysis.

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  • 'Treme,' Ep. 27: Fat Tuesday 2008

    November 5, 2012. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    Aaron Neville performs with The Neville Brothers in Treme. (Image Credit: Paul Schiraldi/HBO)

    The three seasons of Treme have all found their way to Mardi Gras; appropriately, the day is always depicted with all the spectacle, vice and musical mayhem you might expect. Josh Jackson of WBGO returns to break down the many musical scenes in this year's go-round.

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  • 'Treme,' Ep. 27: The Fat Man

    October 29, 2012. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    DJ Davis (Steve Zahn) gains an audience with Fats Domino and his many gold records. (Image Credit: Paul Schiraldi/HBO)

    Born in 1928, Fats Domino enjoyed the first of his many hits — almost all of which were created in New Orleans — when "The Fat Man" rose up the R&B charts all the way to No. 2. That was in 1950. Which explains all the records on the wall at his house, and the regal status he is afforded.

    That, and other musical explainers, are in our latest Treme music recap, with WBGO's Josh Jackson.

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