• WBGO's Fall Program Guide Goes Digital

    August 29, 2012. Posted by Brandy Wood.

    WBGO has been mailing out the Upbeat program guide for decades. We recently discovered some gems from the early years and thought we would share a few of those covers here.

    WBGO has been at the vanguard of technology with online streaming of our programs, HD, HD2 (the jazz bee), mobile apps and more. In an effort to keep Upbeat in step with all these forward thinking efforts, we have created a digital version of our familiar program guide, which you can view online, magazine style with embedded links right to further information on our website. Take a test drive of this new service below and let us know what you think.

  • We're Back! The Jazz Stream: WBGO's Showcase For New Jazz

    May 2, 2012. Posted by Tim Wilkins.

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    The Jazz Stream is back!

    Now online listeners can enjoy our new 24-hour showcase for emerging jazz artists and styles, which has been on the air in the at 88.3 HD2 in the New York Metro area since January. We will introduce you to fresh jazz talent and offer insights into their creativity and inspirations.

    In coming weeks, we'll roll out new features on The Jazz Stream, including exclusive interviews and music every week that you can only hear at WBGO. On the web, we'll have concert and album reviews, columns and special content from invited guests.


    The Jazz Stream plays three tracks by emerging artists, such as vibraphonist Warren Wolf and drummer Kendrick Scott, for each track by a jazz “icon,” such as John Coltrane or Thelonious Monk. We will also feature highlights from WBGO interviews, live broadcasts and studio sessions.

    Pianist Robert Glasper was the first featured artist on The Jazz Stream during our online "sneak preview" back in March. He stopped by our studios to talk with Tim Wilkins about his new album, Black Radio, and his band's original fusion of jazz with hiphop and soul. Your can click here to hear highlights from Glasper's album and our conversation.


  • Glasper's "Black Radio" on WBGO HD2: The Jazz Bee

    February 27, 2012. Posted by Tim Wilkins.

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    WBGO is proud to feature pianist Robert Glasper in this "sneak peek" of The Jazz Bee, our new 24-hour station for emerging jazz artists and styles.

    Click below to hear The Jazz Bee, which is on air at 88.3 HD2 in the New York Metro area, and will soon be fully available through our website.

    Glasper's album Black Radio is out Tuesday on Blue Note Records. Glasper stopped by WBGO to talk about the disc, which features a wide range of invited guests, including singers Erykah Badu, Meshell Ndegeocello and Bilal, and emcee Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def.


    "It's me showing that I'm a jazz musician who likes other things, other music," he said. "People have in their head that to be a jazz musician you can't like or play anything else, or integrate it with anything else. I don't know where that came from, because it didn't come from the masters who invented it."

    Black Radio is Glasper's fourth album for Blue Note, and the most fully realized statement of his extended vision of what jazz can be. But Glasper and his bandmates - drummer Chris Dave, saxophonist Casey Benjamin and bassist Derrick Hodge - have been at work on their original fusion of jazz and hiphop in small clubs around New York for more than a decade. In our conversation, Glasper explained how and where their vision came together, and his musical inspirations, which range from Oscar Peterson to J Dilla.

    We will feature excerpts from our conversation on The Jazz Stream, and tracks from Glasper's new album, all week. Check back to this blog for more highlights from the interview. Enjoy Black Radio!

    In Part Two, Glasper explains how Black Radio seeks to reach listeners unfamiliar with jazz, and introduces the track "Lift Off," which features Shafiq Husayn and Mic Check.

    In Part Three, Glasper describes his collaboration with emcee Lupe Fiasco, with whom he performs on the track "Always Shine."

    In Part Four, Glasper explains the meaning of "Black Radio," the album's title track, and his collaboration with Yasiin Bey, the emcee also known as Mos Def.