• 7:30 PM - Live from WBGO Studios, Our Election Coverage...

    November 4, 2008. Posted by Daniel Karcher.

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    Dan Karcher

    Greetings all, and welcome once again to the WBGO Blog. Most of you may know me as the host of Sunday Morning Harmony, and many of you may know me as WBGO's full-time fill-in announcer. It's the second "title" that brings me here tonight; being in for Awilda Rivera. However, this evening is obviously not a traditional evening here at Jazz 88. Awilda's not here, and I'm not on air.

    Why? So we may bring you around the clock coverage of the election. Thus, I am taking this opportunity to not spin tunes for you, rather - give you a taste if what it's like here as the WBGO news team goes full throttle and to give you a behind the scenes look at what and how they do so as you listen.

    Andrew Meyer preps the night…

    If you're listening (hopefully you are. click the "listen now" button above, eh!), WBGO's Andrew Meyer is your host this evening, as he's joined by Seton Hall political analyst Joe Marbach.

    Also on board we have Monica Miller as she covers the McCain campaign from Robbinsville. Terry Sheridan is with the Obama campaign as well as the Lautenberg campaign in New Brunswick, NJ. Mary Fuchs covers Dick Zimmer in Bridgewater, as does Jim Crimaldi covers Leonard Lance also from Bridgewater. Jen Poyant is covering Linda Stender from Clark and Eugene Sonn is in Mount Laurel covering John Adler.

    Earlier today, WBGO's Program Director sent me a few images taken at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Montclair.

    Election day in Montclair

    Election Day in Montclair

    Election Day in Montclair

    I'll be posting images and video from here at WBGO throughout the night as election results get underway!

  • It's Election Day, Get Out And Vote!

    November 4, 2008. Posted by Andrew Meyer.

    Election Day, 2008

    Usually, going to vote at my polling station in Glen Ridge doesn't take a whole lot of time, a matter of minutes. It's an in and out affair. This morning, it was a very different story.

     Election Day, Linden Ave School

    From the time I walked in the door at the Linden Ave School, it took me a half hour! Everyone seemed good-natured about the wait, which I was told by poll workers had been as long as 45 mintues earlier. All I can say is it's great to see so many people getting out and taking care of their civic duty! 

    Looking for the latest information on the elections? You can find it on our website.  Also tune in tonight beginning at 8pm as WBGO and NPR bring you wall-to-wall coverage of the results of Election 2008!

    Andrew Meyer

  • Miguel Zenon: Genius Loves Company

    September 23, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

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    Miguel Zenon

    A hearty congratulations to saxophonist and composer Miguel Zenon, recently named a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur "genius" Fellow. If you've heard a recent Zenon performance, you might concur with the MacArthur panel's suggestion that Miguel is "creating an entirely new jazz language for the 21st century." Well, I suppose that's the point of it all. Aside from the prestige, or the permanent "Genius" tattoo branded in a location of his choosing, Zenon will receive $500,000 over five years, an amount equal to the entire fundraising goal during WBGO's current campaign. Ah, sweet perspective.