• Live Blog: Terence Blanchard at Vanguard 2.18.09

    February 18, 2009. Posted by Joshua Jackson.


    8:20pm Love the shirt, Terence - Defend New Orleans!

    8:21pm Terence and the band have been rehearsing new music at the Vanguard the last two days. They're recording in New Orleans next month. Maybe we'll hear something new tonight. Fingers crossed.

    8:41pm Pianist Jason Moran has dropped in to visit his colleagues from Houston, Walter Smith and Kendrick Scott. All of them graduated from the Houston School for Performing and Visual Arts. Fertile jazz ground.

    8:52pm Band is chilling backstage. Like a band of brothers - laughing, talking sports, shooting the breeze. There's no set list. Whatever Terence calls is what we'll hear. In the moment.

    8:54pm Almost showtime. I'll be back! Don't forget to watch the video webcast. Link is just below the photo if Terence.

    9:04pm And we're off! First song is from A Tale of God's Will. "Levees."

    9:44pm Getting lost in the music, and the chat room buzz. Forty minutes later, you've heard "Levees," "Funera; Dirge," "Wandering Wonder," and now "Fred Brown." Whew...

  • Live Blog: Kurt Rosenwinkel at Village Vanguard 1.7.09

    January 7, 2009. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    Kurt Rosenwinkel Onstage at the Village Vanguard
    See some photos.

    Listen to the show on NPR.
    Check out the bonus audio.

    I arrived at the Village Vanguard at 6pm this evening.  Kurt was already onstage "shredding," as he called it.  The guitarist is acutely dedicated to his craft and his sound.  He played alone for nearly two hours.  I could actually hear him processing each note.

    Drummer Kendrick Scott just arrived.  He's backstage hitting the practice pad.  For a moment, he laid down his sticks.  On them, he wrote, "Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace."  He says it's from the Peace Prayer of St. Francis (of Assisi).

    The band's all here.  Hail, hail.

    A Rosenwinkel original, "Our Secret World," kicks off the show.   Everyone on the band spent plenty of time warming up, so they should be ready.

    This is quite a quartet of young modernists.  Pianist Aaron Parks' "Peaceful Warrior" is such a beautiful composition.  And these guys like to play it...

    Nice to hear these four swing in that traditional feel.  Listen closely, and you might figure out why this song is called "A Shifting Design."

    Beautiful ballad that just wafts in the air.  Kurt had a lovely guitar intro.  Aaron and Kurt manage to play well as two strong chordal instrumentalists.  Not easy to do.

    The song is called "Path of the Heart," by the way.

    New music debuts on our live concert from the Village Vanguard.  "Untitled" from Kurt Rosenwinkel.

    Killing through Kurt's "Zhivago" to close the set.  Rock it, baby!