• Simon Rentner With Chassol On Film "Indiamore" In Montreal

    July 5, 2013. Posted by Tim Wilkins.

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    Parisian composer Christophe Chassol talks with WBGO's Simon Rentner about his his multimedia album and film Indiamore, which combine the sights and sounds of traditional India with electronic music, hip-hop and jazz. Enjoy!

    Here a clip from "Indiamore:"

    In this clip, Chassol creates a musical accompaniment to the cadences of a speech by U.S. President Barack Obama from his reelection compaign:

    Photo of Christophe Chassol by Cyrille Vessier:

  • Bourne's Montreal Interview with Saxophonist Joel Miller

    July 4, 2013. Posted by Tim Wilkins.

    Saxophonist Joel Miller talks with WBGO's Michael Bourne about his Latin Jazz ensemble Honeycomb, and their performances at this year's Festival International du Jazz de Montreal. Enjoy!


  • Bourne's Montreal: Quartier des Spectacles Street Scene

    July 4, 2013. Posted by Michael Bourne.

    I bumped into a hippopotamus.

    Actually, the hippo, about seven feet tall, walking on hind legs, bumped into me.

    Photo by Ulisse Lemerise B.

    Actually, there were two hippos walking by, one tall, one short, on the festival street.

    And two gigantic flamingos, pinkish and/or orange.

    And stilt walkers, dressed in shiny purple or turquoise fabric feathers.

    Photo by Ulisse Lemerise B.
    Photo by Ulisse Lemerise B.

    And a Balkan band was whipping up -- I'm not certain what the rhythm was. Not the usual 4/4 of jazz. More like 7 or 9 or maybe 13/4. I lost count where one was. Not that anyone was counting.

    Photo by Victor Diaz-Lamich

    Everyone was having fun dancing. Including the hippos.

    Photo by Victor Diaz Lamich
    Photo by Victor Diaz Lamich