• Live Blog - Village Vanguard 6.18.08

    June 18, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    Brian Blade Before the Set

    We have reached maximum capacity at the Vanguard tonight. Both sets are
    sold out, as is most of the week. Enjoy the show.

    9:00 First up is Ruby Lou's Lullabye. Named for Brian's niece.

    9:11 Kurt Rosenwinkel just blistered the front row with his solo on "Return
    of the Prodigal Son."

    9:17 I really love this song. Both Kurt Rosenwinkel and Melvin Butler solo

    9:20 "Stoner Hill" is a section of Shreveport, LA. Brian Blade's hometown.

    9:23 The title song from Season of Changes, the new recording from Brian
    Blade and the Fellowship Band.

    9:29 An epic, varied song. Could have easily been called "Seasons of Change."

    9:36 This song has really whipped the crowd into a frenzy.

    9:38 I love the combination of bass clarinet and harmonium. Beautiful.

    9:42 Song called "Alpha and Omega." Brian is definitely from the church.

    9:46 After a lovely intro from Rosenwinkel, we're motorboating with
    "Evinrude Fifty," from Perceptual. Their last record (2000).

    10:00  I think this is the last song.  And it's never heard before.  Until now!
    Called King's Highway.  In Shreveport.  Not Brooklyn...

  • Live Blog - Rodriguez Brothers at Gracie/JVC

    June 16, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

    Rodriguez Brothers at JVC

    Well, the weather in New York is cooperating enough. We're live at Gracie
    Mansion with the Rodriguez Brothers.

    6:17 And we're off! The first tune was a blazing number called "Rowdy Rod."

    6:24 Vibraphonist Joe Locke has joined the rest of the ensemble on stage.
    They are Robert Rodriguez on piano, Michael Rodriguez on trumpet, Ricardo
    Rodriguez (not one of the brothers, however) on bass, and Johnathan Blake
    is the drummer.

    6:25 "Like Joe," with Joe Locke.

    6:31 Gary Walker just informed me that this band also plays with Joe Locke
    as the leader. The group changes their name to Force of Four. And if you're
    in Newark on June 26th, you can catch Force of Four at the Newark Museum
    for the Jazz in the Garden Series. WBGO's Sheila Anderson is the host. Go!

    6:39 "Sundance," featuring Joe Locke soloing. Also a nice solo from Michael
    Rodriguez on flugelhorn. His choice of notes reminds me of Woody Shaw.
    And this song also has that kind of vibe, too.

    6:50 This one called "Rude Awakening." As the title implies...
    Yet another tune for the absolutely effortless mastery of Johnathan Blake,
    one of the young masters/monsters on drums.

    6:57 Wow. What a piano solo.

    6:59 The skies have gotten AWFULLY DARK. Uh oh...
    We might be ending this very soon.

    7:01 Everyone in attendance has huddled underneath the tent. And the band
    is trading fours.

    7:04 Due to extremely bad weather, this show is OVER.

  • Gracie Mansion - Candid Camera II

    June 16, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

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    Gary Walker and Dorthaan Kirk

    Our host, Gary Walker, and Dorthaan Kirk also very hard at work today.