• Live Blog - Al Foster Quartet at the Village Vanguard

    May 21, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.

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    Josh Jackson in the Vanguard Stairwell

    Greetings from the worst seat in the house! Because the Village Vanguard is underground, my wifi card gets a very limited signal, so I am blogging from the top of the rear stairwell. I can still hear the music, but visuals are a bit lackluster. There are some advantages, though - I'm close to the restroom and the bar...

    First song is Miles Davis' So What. From the album Kind of Blue.

    9:11 Crowd is definitely into it. This next one is Al Foster's original. Called "The Chief." Foster doesn't write a lot of music, so it's nice to hear. Eli DeGibri on soprano.

    9:17 Damn. These guys are great. Anyone agree?

    9:19 Man, Al Foster's cymbals....yowza.

    9:22 Horace Silver's "Peace." Al Foster's first recording was with Horace Silver's trumpeter, Blue Mitchell. Blue Note record called The Thing to Do.

    9:24 Very early Chick Corea on that record too...

    9:36 Still Taking the A Train. So will I later tonight...

    9:40 Cantaloupe Island, a Herbie Hancock tune. Lots of jazz classics for tonight's set.

    9:52 That song was another Foster original. Named "Brandyn," after Al's only son. He has FOUR daughters!!!

    9:54 Steve the club mgr just pointed out Sigourney Weaver in the house. Looking for Aliens right now...

    9:56 Love this one - Jean-Pierre, from Miles Davis...

    10:35 Thanks to everyone at the Village Vanguard, including Jed Eisenman, AND especially Lorraine Gordon, who I forgot in the end credits...She's gonna get me for that oversight...oy. And thanks to you all who listened tonight on WBGO, or NPR Music. Maybe you checked out some photos?

    Next show at the Village Vanguard is June 11th - Guillermo Klein y Los Guachos. And Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band on June 18th.
    -Josh Jackson, your humble producer and host for this series.

  • Village Vanguard - Live Chat

    May 21, 2008. Posted by Joshua Jackson.


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  • Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra on the bandstand at Cachaca

    May 21, 2008. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

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    Trombonist and singer Pete McGuinness teaches at New Jersey City University and arranges for the Westchester Jazz Orchestra. Recently, he has put together his own band, and my friend Emily Ginsberg -- just out of college, new in New York and looking for good music -- caught them on Monday night. Here's her report. - Becca Pulliam

    Looking for a new big band to check out? Perhaps a band to book for your next party? The Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra might be able to fill that order. With a beautiful full sound that never diminishes, the entire orchestra goes big, from the first note to the last note. The syncopated rhythms give the orchestra a great kick and personality, and that was my favorite element of the show. Nothing sounded forced, or off.

    This band can do it all, from ballads to crooning to get-up-and-dance, and they did it with style and Cachaca's great sound. I could actually hear the lyrics when Pete sang!

    Big band lovers, this is a must-see for you. Music lovers, it is definitely worth your time to check these guys out. Bring a dancing partner, because you will want to shake it on the dance floor after the first note. - Emily Ginsberg