• The Definitive Miles Davis - Ovation TV Premiere

    July 14, 2008. Posted by Angelika Beener.

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    The other night I was flipping throught the digital TV guide, and I ran across the Ovation channel.  They were premiering a 3-hour Miles Davis documentary.  Needless to say, I was psyched.  I mean, I love watching all of the older documentaries, but to see something brand new about jazz, Miles, or whatever really got me excited.  I realized that I did not have Ovation (though I have enjoyed their programming on many other people's televisions, lol).  But when I saw the rest of the line up for the night, I was moved to pick up my phone, call my cable provider and order the channel finally.  I mean they were showing a John Coltrane profile, followed by a Monk profile, and at 1AM they were going to show Straight No Chaser.  I mean, c'mon!

    Anyway, the documentary was very cool.  I mean, I will say that for 3 hours, they didn't really master the transitions of Miles' musical career that well, but there was some cool footage, especially of later years.  It also delved quite a bit into his work as a visual artist.  I was happy about that, because that's an era of Miles' life I was not as well-versed on.  

    It re-aired on Saturday, and I have a feeling they are going to be airing it quite a lot this month.  Along with all of the other great jazz and non-jazz musical programming they are doing, I highly recommend giving this channel a once-over.  You're definitely going to find something you like.

  • Montreal Jazz Festival publicists on things to come

    July 4, 2008. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

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    The hub of the Festival for journalists is the press room in the Hyatt Hotel. Uploading, downloading, getting a cup of coffee, running into old friends, it all happens under the watchful eyes of the press liaisons, including Carola Duran - in her first year - and her colleague, the young veteran Hugo Leclerc.Next year, the press room will move to a dream-come-true building, La Maison du Jazz (House of Jazz). Right now, the empty construction site is behind a tall wooden fence, a wall running along Rue Jeanne-Mance. Artist Armand Vaillancourt started a mural on that wall, and during the Festival, paint and brushes were available in the evenings for anyone's personal expression. Here's a small sample of the creativity.

    Montreal Jazz Fest Mural
    To hear Carola and Hugh talk about the mural and changes to come for the 30th anniversary Jazz Festival - downtown improvements like the creation of the the Showtime District and Quartier de Spectacle (neighborhood of spectacle) - just click here. - Becca Pulliam

  • Montreal: The Look

    July 3, 2008. Posted by Becca Pulliam.

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    Yves Archambault

    Meet Yves Archambault, creator of the 2008 Jazz Festival artwork. One man does it all, and he has for 20 consecutive seasons. First he creates the design, then reshapes and sizes it for the poster and the program book, t-shirts, water bottle (I bought one, very cute), etc. From the long-running cat and the fiddle logo to this year's mosaic-like explosion of color -- especially blue -- the look is evolving along with the music. Yves is already thinking about next year's 30th anniversary design. Click here for interview. Hugo Leclerc translates. - Becca Pulliam