June 18, 2009. Posted by Simon Rentner.

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    During Jazz Appreciation Month last April, WBGO invited some of the top college conservatories on the East Coast to perform live on the airwaves.  However we made one exception.  La Guardia High School in Manhattan recruits some of hottest emerging talent in the country, and not just musicians.  Jennifer Aniston, Adrien Brody, Adrien Grenier, Al Pacino, Amy Ryan, Wesley Snipes, Liza Minnelli, Ben Vereen, and Isaac Mizrahi all graduated from LaGuardia.  Their High School Senior Jazz Band directed by Kevin Blancq visited us on April 17th.  Click below to listen to their set.

    Lullaby Of The Leaves
    – arr. Francy Boland
    Soloists: Ivan Rosenberg - trumpet, Anteo Fabris – trumpet, Matt Berman – alto sax

    – arr. Billy Strayhorn
    Soloists: Matt Berman - alto sax, Devon Lawrence – clarinet

    Jeep’s Blues
    – arr. Duke Ellington
    Soloists: Dwight Rivera – piano, Josh Holcomb – trombone, David Charles – alto sax, Matt Chiasson – tenor sax, Joanna Sternberg – bass, Matt Berman – alto sax

    Let’s Get Together
    – arr. Duke Ellington
    Soloists: Ivan Rosenberg – trumpet, Chirrard Cameau – bari sax

    Sunday Kind Of Love
    – arr. By Charlie Naylor for Claude Thornhill in 1946
    Soloists: Martina DaSilva - voice

    – Thad Jones
    Soloists: Josh Holcomb – trombone, Clint Mobley – vibes, Max Coburn – piano, Joanna Sternberg - bass

    Dancing In The Dark -
    arr. Billy Strayhorn
    Soloists: Chirrard Cameau – bari sax, Martina DaSilva – voice, Cahle Johnson – trumpet

  • JAM: The New School Ornette Coleman Ensemble

    June 17, 2009. Posted by Simon Rentner.

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    Saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom brought The New School Ornette Coleman Ensemble to WBGO's studio on April 23rd.  They performed some of Coleman's most hummable melodies (and left plenty of room for free-form exploration).  Click below to listen to their full set.

    Rick Savage, soprano sax
    Joe Hartnett, alto sax
    John Collinge, tenor sax
    Josh Olken, guitar
    Glenn Zaleski, piano
    Ross Gallagher, bass
    Max Jaffe, drums

  • JAM: Rutgers #1 Jazz Chamber Ensemble

    June 16, 2009. Posted by Simon Rentner.

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    rutgersClick below to listen to the Rutgers #1 Jazz Chamber Ensemble (sextet), under the direction on Stanley Cowell. They visited WBGO on April 21st to celebrate JAM: Jazz Appreciation Month.

    Ryan Oliver, tenor & soprano sax
    Donald Malloy, trumpet
    Brent Chiarello, trombone
    Andy Warren, electric guitar
    Andy Michalec, acoustic piano
    Nimrod Speaks, bass
    Jaimeo Brown, drums