• Sophie Milman with Michael Bourne

    July 9, 2012. Posted by Simon Rentner.

    WBGO's Michael Bourne interviewed Sophie Milman at this year's Montreal Jazz Festival about speaking and singing in a multitude of languages, including her native tongue Russian, along with Hebrew, French, and English. Listen to the feature below.

    Sopie Milman

  • Montreal Jazz Festival 2012: Why Montreal?

    July 7, 2012. Posted by Simon Rentner.

    WBGO’S Simon Rentner concludes his broadcast coverage of the Festival International de Jazz de Montreal by asking a simple question:  Why Montreal?  Festival Co-Founder and Artistic Director André Ménard and Vice President of Programming Laurent Saulnier have their answers.  Plus, Canadian musicians Peter Appleyard and Claude St-Jean chime in.

    Cool Laurent Saulnier

  • Montreal Jazz Festival 2012: Does Canada Have a Jazz Sound?

    July 7, 2012. Posted by Simon Rentner.

    WBGO's Simon Rentner, reporting from the last day from Festival International de Jazz de Montreal, asks: Does Canadian Jazz Have A Sound?  Artistic Director and Jazz Festival co-founder André Ménard (above), Canadian singer Sonia Johnson, and our own Michael Bourne answer that question.

    FIJM 2009_CP_salles_0509_43 Jean-François Leblanc

  • Montreal Jazz Festival: Day 3 Interviews

    July 4, 2012. Posted by David Tallacksen.

    Pianist Aaron Parks has never played with pianist Joey Calderazzo, but here at the Festival the two will meet for a night of improvised duos. Parks talked to Michael Bourne on what - if anything - they were planning.

    Aaron Parks

    Later Joey Calderazzo stopped by. Michael Bourne needled him about the performance, and talked to Joey about the dynamics of playing with Branford Marsalis.

    Joey Calderazzo and Aaron Parks

    Vocalist Carmen Lundy is playing the Festival in support of her new album, "Changes." She talks about what it's like to write all your own material.

    Carmen Lundy

    Kneebody is a New York-based quintet featuring Ben Wendel and Shane Endsley. Simon rentner spoke with them.


    The street scene is replete with horn bands, but it's not often you find one at an inside venue. Claude St. Jean is the leader of L'orchestra des pas perdue - The Lost Steps Orchestra.

    Claude St. Jean - L'orchestra de pas perdus

    The Montreal Jazz Festival has got to be one of the most wide-ranging music festivals, with straight-ahead jazz trios to jazz rock and electronica. Laurent Saulnier, a programmer for the Festival, helps push that "edge."

    Laurent Saulnier

    Brazilian singer/guitarist Marcio Faraco explains to Michael Bourne how intertwined speech and musical styles are.

    Marcio Faraco

    Pianist Oliver Jones is the godfather of the Montreal Jazz Scene. Michael Bourne spoke to him about his singular lesson with another Great, Canadian Pianist Oscar Peterson.

    Oliver Jones

    The Acoustic Guitar duo Strunz and Farah are originally from Costa Rica and Iran, respectively. Their sound is worldly and eclectic.

    Strunz and Farah

  • Montreal Jazz Festival: Day 1 Interviews

    July 1, 2012. Posted by David Tallacksen.

    Our first interview of the day was delta blues and jazz guitarist Kelly Joe Phelps.

    Kelly Joe Phelps

    Bassist Stanley Clarke was honored with an Invitation Series this year - the opportunity to play four nights in groups of his choosing. These include an acoustic evening with jazz pianist Hiromi, a concert with this Harlem String Quartet, a bass extravaganza with SMV aka Clarke, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten and a final evening with the Stanley Clarke Band.

    Stanley Clarke

    A duo of Canadian vocalists stopped by. Dorothee Berryman is both a stage and screen actress as well as a singer with two releases.

    Dorothee Berryman

    Sonia Johnson won a Juno - the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy - for her album Le Carré de Nos Amours.

    Sonia Johnson

    And bassist Victor Wooten - perhaps best known for his work with Bela Fleck - is playing the Festival with his own group.

    Victor Wooten