• Terrance McKnight On Finding His Musical Language

    May 10, 2016. Posted by Josh Landes.

    WQXR host Terrance McKnight joins Sheila Anderson's Salon Sessions for a discussion of Hazel Scott, growing up in Cleveland, and why his experience with public radio began with him screaming at it.

    terrance for WBGO

  • Ralph Peterson Keeps The Beat On WBGO

    April 27, 2016. Posted by Josh Landes.

    Descended from a long line of drummers, Ralph Peterson has kept the family business alive and well over a career that's included Art Blakey's mentorship, and worked with Terence Blanchard, and both Branford and Wynton Marsalis. Ralph talked with Gary Walker about his new record, his life in jazz, and more here on WBGO.


  • Papo Vazquez Talks Four Decades Of Latin Jazz

    April 27, 2016. Posted by Josh Landes.

    Papo Vazquez has written and performed music of all stripes, but his love of Latin Jazz has burned the brightest over the last forty years. He came to WBGO sit down with Gary Walker and unpack his inspirations, compositions, and motivations.


  • WBGO JAM 2016: NYU Wayne Shorter Ensemble

    April 27, 2016. Posted by Corey Goldberg.

    NYU's Wayne Shorter Ensemble wraps up WBGO's series of student group sessions celebrating Jazz Appreciation Month. Hear their takes on one of the music's most influential composer's work as they are joined by their director, Dave Pietro, for an in-studio session and interview with Nicole Sweeney.

    nyu jam 2016NYU Wayne Shorter Ensemble, Dave Pietro, director

    1) One By One (Wayne Shorter)
    2) Lady Day (Wayne Shorter)
    3) The Three Marias (Wayne Shorter)

    Michael Bliss, Alto Saxophone
    Dan Lipsitz, Tenor Saxophone
    Mark McIntyre, Guitar
    David Manuhutu, Piano
    Jeong Park, Bass
    Henry Vaughn, Drums
    Dave Pietro, Soprano Saxophone / Director

  • WBGO JAM 2016: Berklee College of Music Rainbow All-Stars

    April 26, 2016. Posted by Corey Goldberg.

    The Berklee College of Music Rainbow All-Stars are joined by their director, Tia Fuller, for a live performance and interview with Eulis Cathey, featuring their original compositions as well as their take on a jazz standard.

    Hear this group and other top student ensembles featured on 88.3 FM throughout the month of April.

    Keep watching the blog for more complete JAM sessions all month long.

    berklee jam 2016Berklee College of Music Rainbow All-Stars, Tia Fuller, Director

    1) Cascade (Tabari Lake)
    2) Decisive Steps (Tia Fuller)
    3) Pristine Mist (Michael Wooten)
    4) Juice and Candy (Arnetta Johnson)
    5) Minority (Gigi Gryce)

    Ryan Linvill,  Tenor Saxophone
    Arnetta Johnson, Trumpet
    Michael Wooten,  Piano
    Tabari Lake,  Bass
    Jongkuk Kim,  Drums
    Tia Fuller, Alto Saxophone / Director