• Bourne's Montreal: Nous Reviendrons A Montreal

    July 11, 2013. Posted by Michael Bourne.

    Montreal is the City of Festivals -- 108 through the year.


    Festival International de JAZZ de Montreal is the biggest and best-known, although the Juste Pour Rire comedy festival is getting bigger and better-known.


    While the jazzfest was happening, also happening was a circus festival. I'd like to have seen a troupe called Gandini Juggling, nine Brits juggling 80 apples in a show characterized as "Downton Abbey Meets Monty Python."


    Meanwhile, an international fireworks festival happens every summer. Also a world choir festival in suburban Laval. Also a festival of First Natives, celebrating the Algonquin and other peoples here long before the British fought the French and Indian War. Not to forget the African Nights festival and the Francofolies, celebrating French culture in very French Quebec.


    None of the other festivals contributes as much to the Quebec economy as FIJM does -- $64 million annually -- or generates as much media interest as FIJM does. Altogether this year the festival accredited 400 journalists and broadcasters representing 135 media outlets from 16 countries.

    Including us.

    Saxophonist Charles Lloyd with WBGO's Michael Bourne and Simon Rentner
    Saxophonist Charles Lloyd with WBGO's Michael Bourne and Simon Rentner

    This year was our ninth broadcasting from Montreal.

    Next year will be the 35th anniversary of WBGO and the 35th anniversary of FIJM. We will celebrate together wonderfully.

    To paraphrase the iconic song of Robert Charlebois:

    nous reviendrons a Montreal ...

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