• Ben Williams + Pedro Giraudo: Live From 92Y Tribeca

    July 19, 2011. Posted by Simon Rentner.

    Ben Williams (left) and Pedro Giraudo lead their bands at 92Y Tribeca. (Image Credit: John Rogers for NPR/johnrogersnyc.com)

    It's the bassist's role in jazz to know the time and place; to anchor a band rhythmically and guide it through a song. The young bassists Pedro Giraudo and Ben Williams are quite adept at all that, but when they lead their own bands, they have an even broader sense of time and place.

    The new album from the Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra, 13 or 14 pieces strong, is called Córdoba. It takes its name from Giraudo's hometown in Argentina, and borrows architecture from Argentine tango and folk rhythms in service of color-rich modern jazz ends. Ben Williams has a new record, too, his first. State of Art is a jazz record which alludes heavily to the street sounds of his native Washington, D.C., where go-go still abuts R&B, hip-hop and organic soul. And, like Giraudo, Williams' band also brings together some of New York's hottest under-40 (and often under-30) talent.

    For the latest edition of The Checkout: Live From 92Y Tribeca, WBGO and NPR Music presented the Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra and Ben Williams and Sound Effect, live in concert. Look for a full audio recording soon.

    Video Highlights

    Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra, 'Duende Del Mate'

    (Credit: WBGO)

    Ben Williams & Sound Effect, 'Home'

    (Credit: WBGO)

    Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra


    • Pedro Giraudo, bass/electric bass
    • Tatum Greenblatt, trumpet/flugelhorn
    • Jonathan Powell, trumpet
    • Ryan Keberle, trombone
    • Mike Fahie, trombone
    • Todd Bashore, alto saxophone
    • Alejandro Aviles, alto saxophone
    • Luke Batson, tenor saxophone
    • Carl Maraghi, baritone saxophone/bass clarinet
    • Adam Birnbaum, piano
    • Tony De Vivo, percussion
    • Jeff Davis, drums

    Set List

    • "Visitas"
    • "Pueblo" (in three parts)
    • "Duende del Mate"
    • "Hiroshima"
    • "Desconsuelo"

    Ben Williams & Sound Effect


    • Ben Williams, bass
    • Marcus Strickland, tenor saxophone
    • Matt Stevens, guitar
    • Gerald Clayton, piano
    • Jamire Williams, drums

    Set List

    • "Home"
    • "Moontrane" (Woody Shaw)
    • "Part-Time Lover" (Stevie Wonder)
    • "November"
    • "Little Susie" (Michael Jackson)
    • "Moonlight in Vermont" (Blackburn/Suessdorf)

    Credits: Josh Jackson, producer and host. David Tallacksen, mix engineer. Michael Downes, assistant.

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